Flood relief distribution shrouded in mystery

 Flood relief distribution shrouded in mystery

Flood relief distribution shrouded in mysterFlood relief distribution shrouded in mystery

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Hyderabad : Uncertainty continues to haunt the distribution of relief amounts to the flood-affected, even while GHMC, through a press statement, sought to assure that the distribution is on. The statement issued through the GHMC Public Relations department, but not signed by the GHMC Commissioner, said, for the past two days, 17,333 applications have been received for flood relief and an amount of Rs. 17.33 crore has been distributed. On Tuesday, a total of 7,939 persons have applied and Rs. 7.39 crore has been distributed, while on Wednesday, Rs. 9.39 crore has been distributed to 9,394 applicants, the statement said. All the amount has been deposited in the bank accounts of the beneficiaries, affirmed officials. The statement has, however, kept mum about the channel of receiving applications, and about the areas where the relief was distributed. It may be noted that several people who thronged to the Mee Seva Centres in various localities on Monday, were turned away, and a statement was issued by the GHMC saying a field survey was in progress to identify the flood victims for distribution of relief. It urged people not to come to Mee Seva centres.

No rejections
Under such circumstances, it remains a mystery where and how the applications for flood relief are being accepted and scrutinised. As per the information disseminated by GHMC, the distribution is 100 per cent without any rejections. Officials say, under the condition of anonymity, that the applications might be those pending from before GHMC elections, when the distributions was stopped abruptly, owing to instructions from the State Election Commission. The moot question, however, is why the statement was issued by GHMC when the distribution was not being done through the corporation.

No clarity has been given to the Zonal and Circle level officials about the fresh process to identify beneficiaries. However, they have been alerted to the possibility of a fresh survey in flood-affected areas. “We are yet to receive instructions and guidelines from the government about the field survey. But we have been asked to keep teams ready for identification of beneficiaries who had not been given the relief earlier,” informed a Deputy Commissioner unwilling to be identified.

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